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TS PC Hall Tickets 2022 download

TS PC Hall Tickets 2022 download

TS PC Hall Tickets 2022 download Telangana PC Hall Tickets for Preliminary Written Test dated 28th August 2022 for Recruitment to Posts of SCT PC (Civil) and / or equivalent, Transport Constables and Prohibition & Excise Constables


Telangana State Level Police Recruitment Board issued a Notification on 25th April 2022 for direct recruitment of 15644 vacancies of SCT PC Civil and / or equivalent posts, on 28th April 2022 for direct recruitment of 63 vacancies of Transport Constables and 614 vacancies of Prohibition & Excise Constables. The Preliminary Written Test of the recruitment process will be held on 28th August 2022 (Sunday) from 10 a m to 1 p m in 1601 Test Centers located in and around Hyderabad and other Towns throughout the Telangana State, for 6,61,196 Candidates.

All the Candidates who have successfully uploaded their Applications are informed that the Hall Tickets for above Preliminary Written Test (PWT) can be downloaded from 8 a m on 18th August 2022 onwards till 12 midnight on 26th August 2022 by logging into their respective accounts on the TSLPRB website: www.tslprb.in by entering their credentials. Candidates whose Hall Tickets could not be downloaded may send e-mail to support@tslprb.in or contact us on 93937 11110 or 93910 05006.

After downloading the Hall Tickets, Candidates shall take a printout of the same, preferably on A4 size paper on both the sides (so that the Hall Ticket as well as Important Instructions are available on a single sheet paper). Though it is not mandatory to take the printout in colour, printout taken in colour nevertheless provides better visibility when compared to monochrome (black and white) printout. Once the printout is taken, Candidates have to affix (with gum / adhesive – do not use staples / pins) their passport photograph (whose digital copy was earlier uploaded along with their Application Form) at the designated place provided in the left-bottom area of the first page of the Hall Ticket, without fail. Hall Ticket without the passport photograph affixed as described above will not be accepted on the day of Preliminary Written Test and Admission to Examination shall be denied to such Candidates who come to the Examination Centers without proper Hall Tickets.

Candidates shall go through all the Instructions given on the reverse (other side) of the Hall Ticket carefully, in their own interest and comply with them scrupulously. Certain important Instructions are reproduced below, for the benefit of the Candidates.


Important Instructions to Candidates

  • Candidates are advised to visit their Centre of Examination one day prior to the actual Date of Examination and make sure about their Examination No traveling expenses will be paid for the journey, if any performed, to take the Test
  • Candidates will be permitted into the Examination Hall one hour prior to the commencement of the Candidates will not be allowed into the Examination Centre, if they are late even by a minute after commencement of the examination
  • Candidates should not bring any electronic or other gadgets including Mobile / Cellular Phones, Tablets, Pen Drives, Bluetooth Devices, Wrist-Watches, Watch Calculators, Log Tables, Wallets, Purses, Notes, Charts, loose sheets or recording instruments strapped to the body or in the pockets. Candidates, particularly women are advised not to come for the examination wearing Jewelry or carrying Handbags / Jholas / Pouches etc. No Cloak Room / Storage Facility to safeguard any valuables or belongings of the Candidates is available at the Examination Centers
  • Candidates shall carry only Black / Blue Ball Point Pens and Hall Ticket into the Examination Hall
  • Digital Image and Fingerprint/s (Biometrics) will be collected during the Test in the Examination Therefore, Candidates are advised not to have mehendi, temporary tattoos or any obstructive material covers on their fingers which may hamper the recording of Biometrics
  • OMR Answer Sheet will not be valued if the Candidate writes any irrelevant matter, symbols, religious marks, prayers or identification marks on any part of OMR Answer Sheet as it amounts to malpractice
  • There is negative marking for incorrect answers in the Preliminary Written Test as mentioned in Notifications vide Rc No. 41 / Rect. / Admn-1 / 2022, dated 25th April 2022 and Rc Nos. 45 & 48 / Rect. / Admn-1 / 2022, dated 28th April 2022
  • Question Paper Booklet is printed in 2 languages viz., English–Telugu and English–Urdu. In case of any doubt or ambiguity in any question, then the English version will be considered to be the correct version
  • Adoption of any kind of unfair means or any act of impersonation during the Examination will render the Candidate liable for invalidation of his / her OMR Answer Sheet and will forfeit the claim of appearing in the test besides being liable for criminal action
  • Hall Ticket must be preserved till the final conclusion of the process of Recruitment

కానిస్టేబుల్ తత్సమాన ఉద్యోగాలకు నిర్వహించే ప్రాథమిక రాత పరీక్షకు ఆగస్టు 18వ తేదీ నుంచి హాల్ టికెట్స్ జారీచేస్తున్నట్లు పోలీసు నియామక మండలి చైర్మన్ వి.వి.శ్రీనివాసరావు బుధవారం (ఆగస్టు 17న) తెలిపారు. పోలీసుశాఖలో 15041, రవాణాశాఖలో 11 ఆబ్కారీశాఖలో 611 కానిస్టేబుల్ ఉద్యోగాలకు ఆగస్టు 28వ తేదీన రాత పరీక్ష జరగనుంది. ఉదయం 10 నుంచి మద్యాహ్నం ఒంటి గంట వరకూ జరిగే ఈ పరీక్షకు 1,61,196 మంది అభ్యర్థులు హాజరుకానున్నారు. అందుకోసం రాష్ట్ర వ్యాప్తంగా 1,601 కేంద్రాలు ఏర్పాటుచేశారు. అభ్యర్థులు 18వ తేదీ ఉదయం 8 గంటల నుంచి 28వ తేదీ అర్ధరాత్రి 12 గంటల వరకూ హాల్ టికెట్లు www.tslprb.in వెబ్సైట్ నుంచి డౌన్లోడ్ చేసుకోవచ్చని శ్రీనివాసరావు తెలిపారు. డౌన్లోడ్ ప్రక్రియలో ఏదైనా ఇబ్బంది తలెత్తితో support@tslprb.in ఈమెయిల్ లేదా 9393711110, 9891005006కు ఫోన్ చేయాలని సూచించారు. 

  • డౌన్లోడ్ చేసుకున్న హాల్టికెట్ ప్రింట్ (కలర్లోనే తీసుకోవాలన్న నిబంధన ఏమీ లేదు) తీసుకోవాలి..
  • అభ్యర్ధులు పాటించాల్సిన నిబంధనలను కూడా కాగితానికి మరోవైపు ప్రింట్ తీసుకోవాలి.. దరఖాస్తు సమయంలో అభ్యర్థులు అప్లోడ్ చేసిన ఫొటోను హాల్టికెట్పై అతికించాలి. వేరే దాన్ని అతికించినా, హాల్ టికెట్ అసమగ్రంగా ఉన్నా పరీక్షకు అనుమతించరు.
  • ఒక్క నిమిషం ఆలస్యమైనా పరీక్ష కేంద్రాల్లోకి అనుమతి ఉండదు. పరీక్ష రాస్తున్నప్పుడు అభ్యర్థుల డిజిటల్ వేలిముద్ర తీసుకుంటారు. 
  • పరీక్ష కేంద్రాల వద్ద అభ్యర్థులకు సంబంధించిన సామగ్రి భద్రపరుచుకునే సదుపాయం ఏదీ ఉండదు.. 
  • చేతి గడియారాలతో సహా ఎలాంటి ఎలక్ట్రానిక్ ఉపకరణాలనూ కేంద్రాల్లోకి అనుమతించరు.
  • హాల్ టికెట్లను నియామక ప్రక్రియ పూర్తయ్యే వరకూ భద్రపరచుకోవాలి.
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