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Central Railway School Bhusawal Teachers Recruitment 2022

Central Railway School Bhusawal Teachers Recruitment 2022

Central Railway School Bhusawal Teachers Recruitment 2022 Central Railway School Bhusawal Recruitment 2022 Apply for 22 Posts Contract Teachers - Bhusawal Division BHUSAWAL DIVISION ENGAGEMENT OF CONTRACT TEACHERS ON FULL-TIME BASIS A walk-in interview will be held for the post of Teacher in Railway School, Bhusawal (Bhusawal division of Central Railway) who fulfill the eligibility criteria specified in notification.. Detailed Notification No. BSL.P.OG.RS.CT.2022 dated 06.09.2022


Following 22 posts in 3 categories of Teachers in Railway School (English Medium) on Bhusawal Division to be filled by Part Time Teachers on contract basis for maximum period of 200 working days and a minimum of 7 working days for the scholastic session 2022-2023 or till regular / RRB candidates become available whichever is earlier and subject to any instructions issued from time to time.

సెంట్రల్ రైల్వే భుసవల్ డివిజన్ లో టీచర్లు భర్తీకి నోటిఫికేషన్ విడుదల.

భారత ప్రభుత్వ సంస్థ అయిన సెంట్రల్ రైల్వే లో భాగంగా ఉన్న భుసవల్ రైల్వే డివిజన్ ఒప్పంద ప్రాతిపదికన కింది టీచింగ్ పోస్టుల భర్తీకి దరఖాస్తులు కోరుతోంది.

పోస్టులు: పీజీటీ, టీజీటీ, పీఆర్టీ, 

విభాగాలు: కెమిస్ట్రీ. ఆంగ్లం, హిందీ, మ్యాథ్స్, ఎకనామిక్స్, మ్యూజిక్, సైన్స్, ఆర్ట్స్ తదితరాలు.

మొత్తం ఖాళీలు: 22 (పీజీటీ-05, టీజీటీ-08, టీజీటీ-08)


1) పీజీటీ: సంబంధిత స్పెషలైజేషన్లో బీఈడీ/ ఎమ్మెస్సీ/ మాస్టర్స్ డిగ్రీ ఉత్తీర్ణత.

జీతభత్యాలు: నెలకు రూ.27,500 చెల్లిస్తారు.

2) టీజీటీ: సంబంధిత స్పెషలైజేషన్లో టీచింగ్ గ్రాడ్యుయేషన్, ఎలిమెంటరీ ఎడ్యుకేషన్లో రెండేళ్ల డిప్లొమా/ బీఈడీ/ బీఈఐఈడీ/బీఏ/ బీఎస్సీ/ బీఏఈడీ ఉత్తీర్ణత, టెట్ అర్హత సాధించాలి.

జీతభత్యాలు: నెలకు రూ.26,250 వరకు చెల్లిస్తారు.

3) పీఆర్ టీ: సెకెండరీ స్కూల్ సర్టిఫికేట్, ఇంటర్మీడియట్ సంబంధిత స్పెషలైజేషన్లో డిగ్రీ డిప్లొమా/ బీఏ/ బీఎస్సీ ఉత్తీర్ణత. టెట్ అర్హత సాధించాలి.

జీతభత్యాలు: నెలకు రూ.21,250 వరకు చెల్లిస్తారు.

వయసు: 18 నుంచి 65 ఏళ్ల మధ్య వయసు కలిగి ఉండాలి.

ఎంపిక విధానం: ఇంటర్వ్యూ ఆధారంగా తుది ఎంపిక ఉంటుంది.

దరఖాస్తు విధానం: ఇంటర్వ్యూకు నేరుగా సంబంధిత ఒరిజినల్ డాక్యుమెంట్స్ తో  హాజరవ్వాలి. 

ఇంటర్వ్యూ తేది: 04.10.2022

ఇంటర్వ్యూ వేదిక: డీఆర్ఎమ్ కార్యాలయం, భుసావల్.

Post Subject (vacancies) Total Vacancy Monthly salary
Post Graduate Trained Teacher Chemistry (1)
Economics (1)
English (1)
Hindi (1)
Maths (1)
5 ₹27,500
Trained Graduate Teacher Science & Maths (1)
Arts: English & SST (6)
Hindi (1)
8 ₹26,250
Primary Teacher Arts & Craft (1)
Counsellor (1)
English (2)
Maths (2)
Marathi (1)
Music (1)
PTI (1)
9 ₹21,250

Educational /Professional qualification /Eligibility conditions / Terms and conditions will be as follows:

Post    Educational Qualifications
Post Graduate Trained Teacher 1. Integrated M.Sc course in the teaching subject (Chemistry/ Economics/ English/ Hindi/ Maths)
Master’s Degree in the concerned specialization (Chemistry/ Economics/ English/ Hindi/ Maths) with more than 50% marks
Trained Graduate Teacher 1. Bachelor’s in teaching subject (Arts/Science) + El. Ed/ Equivalent
Bachelor’s in teaching subject (Arts/Science) with at least 50% + 1 year B.Ed
Bachelor’s in teaching subject (Arts/Science) with at least 45% + 1 year B.Ed (NCTE norms)
Class 12th/ Equivalent + B.El Ed/ BA/ B.Sc/ BA.Ed/ B.Sc Ed (4 year courses)
Bachelor’s in teaching subject (Arts/Science) with more than 50% + B.Ed Special Education
2. TET (Teacher Eligibility Test) qualified
PRT: Arts & Craft Diploma in Arts & Crafts + Basic Computer knowledge
PRT: Counsellor BA/B.Sc in Psychology + certificate of Diploma in Counselling + 1 year of counselling experience in the academic field
PRT: PTI Bachelors in Physical Education/ Equivalent with at least 50%
PRT: Music 12th/ Intermediate/ their equivalents with at least 50% + Bachelor’s degree in Music
PRT: Maths, English, Marathi 1. TET qualified
2. 12th/ Equivalent (at least 50%) + El. Ed 
12th/ Equivalent (at least 50%) + B. El. Ed/ Diploma in Special Education 
12th/ Equivalent (at least 45%) + El. Ed (2002 Regulation norms)
Graduation + El. Ed 
Schedule of Walk-in-Interview:

Date: 14-10-2022

Time: 10.00 a.m. to 05.00 p.m

Venue: DRM's Office, Bhusawal.

NOTE : Candidates should come prepared to stay in Bhusawal for a minimum period of two days for the Interview. This may be extended depending on response of candidate to notification and on completion of all formalities. No accommodation and food shall be provided for the candidates coming for interview.

Age limit: He or she should be between the age of 18 and 65 years (as per KVS rules) as on date of issue of notification

NOTE : The candidate must bring following original documents along with one attested copy of the documents :

  • Date of Birth certificate or Board's certificate.
  • Caste certificate issued by competent authority as mentioned by Govt. of India.
  • NOC from the current employer, if employed anywhere.
  • Experience certificate, if any.
  • Academic/Educational qualifications for every category must be from recognized University / Board (Mark sheet and certificate).
  • Adhar Card and PAN card.

.Terms and conditions:

  • Part time teachers who enter into contract with Railways will have no claim or right for appointment on regular basis or will not form part of cadre of Railway Teachers and they will not have any claim or right for his /her continuity in service or automatic extension of term of contract services rendered as part time contract teachers and will not have any right in respect of considering of their period in regular selection through Railway Recruitment Board.
  • Engagement of Part time teachers on contract basis may be done for period of not less than 07 days and not more than 200 working days. Such arrangements can be discontinued at any time without any prior notice and without assigning any reason.
  • The maximum teaching periods allotted to such teachers will not exceed 05 in number in a
  • Part time teachers will be engaged on contract basis for teaching academic subjects for which regular teachers are not available and for short term vacancies which exists.
  • Part time teachers would perform all jobs related to academics including evaluation work for which no payment over and above the one for taking periods will be made.
  • Teachers appointed on contractual basis will not be entitled for vacation pay and during Autumn / Winter Break, payment should be calculated on the pro rata basis.
  • Part time teachers would not be entitled for any facilities like Leave, Medical, Passes, PTOs, transportations etc.

Those fulfilling the above conditions may attend Walk-in Interview with application in Proforma as per above programme in person. Candidates while applying should indicate past services rendered, if any, including the period of contract put in by them on Indian Railway. No other intimation will be given separately for Walk-in Interview.

Important Note:

  • Candidate should have requisite academic qualification on the date of interview. Those who are appearing at and awaiting result of final examination are not eligible.
  • Academic and Professional qualification must be from recognized University & Board otherwise, candidature will be rejected.
  • Engagement on contract basis of the candidates will be subject to their being found suitable in order of merit by Selection Committee.
  • Candidate selected & placed on panel will be sent for medical test as per rules.

Decision: The decision of this office in all matters relating to eligibility, acceptance or rejection of the applications, penalty for false information, and selection allotment of posts to selected candidates will be final and binding on the candidates and no enquiry or correspondence will be entertained in this connection. Candidates who submit forged information/documents for securing eligibility shall be liable for rejection of his / her candidature for the particular post for which he / she has applied.

Note: The applicants for all the above-mentioned positions must possess good teaching skills according to English & Hindi medium.

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